The Great Wall of China Tourist Attraction

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most appealing attractions in the world which stretches for more than 8000 km from east to west China. Its construction started around 7th century BC and the wall has been rebuilt many times since then. Originally built as several different walls defending seven powerful states, the wall was united in 221 BC as the Emperor Qin set up the first united kingdom in Chinese history. The Great Wall has become the symbol of the Chinese culture and nation. A lot of legends have been written through the history. One of them tells a story how Meng Jiangnu’s husband was sent to build the wall and died far away from his wife. When the woman went a long way to find him and finally discovered her husband had died she cried her heart out. Her bitter weeping made a part of the wall collapse.


Huairou, China, 101405
40° 40′ 48″ N
117° 13′ 48″ E

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vinod on 2014-07-23 06:42:39
hello, great wall of china is the best place to visit.i ike to visit all Asian places where I can se ll great attractions. I m from india and I saw tajmahal, china I consider as best in all things like economy, people, culture,and moreover I just have a dream that india and china be closer so indian people can visit china easily and Chinese people can visit india, not only in trade but in every way.great wall of china is a symbol for peace and unity.

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