Tourist Attractions in Prague

Prague is the Czech capital and its cultural, economical and political center. And this is the status of Prague since the 10th century, throughout Czech history. The city is located on both banks of the Vltava river. Prague is a plethora of different historical and cultural attractions. There are two large medieval castles in the city: Prague castle and Vyšehrad. Five historical areas of Prague are among the world heritage sites of UNESCO. Even though Prague is quite a large city with its population of over 1 million people, its life is pretty quiet. Wandering through the quiet and narrow streets, you can forget that you are in one of the largest cities in Europe.

There are no strongly marked seasons in Prague, as in the entire Czech Republic. Prague is beautiful at any time of the year; therefore, an endless tourist flow is seen here all year round. The weather and climate of Prague also allow you to come here in any season. The blossoming of May will certainly leave a wonderful impression. A lot of tourists choose tours to Prague on Christmas vacations. Frost is a rare phenomenon in Prague. The average temperature is kept around +1; and quite often, Prague remains without snow in winter months. So, the weather is comfortable and allows you to walk around the city and enjoy its festive atmosphere. Just note, that the Czech Republic is a Catholic country and does not celebrate the New year, but Christmas. Therefore, if you want to fully enjoy the holiday, you should come here by the 25th of December.

Prague is divided into several administrative units/districts. The names of these areas are very simple– Praha 1, Praha 2, Praha 3... and so on until the 22! It is very convenient for tourists while choosing housing, as the countdown begins from the center. That is, the closer to the center, the smaller should be the original number of the district. However, in any case, it is recommended to use the map and see, where exactly you'll look for your housing. You can find accommodation for any taste and budget.

Prague attractions