Tourist attractions in Berlin

Amazingly fast and dynamic Berlin may justly be considered one of the most interesting places on the tourist map of Europe. Berlin is located on the banks of two rivers – Spree and Havel, and is the center of Brandenburg. The city is located on the area of 891,85 km2.

The city has two modern airports (Schönefeld and Tegel), several railway stations and bus stations. The well-developed public transport system makes it easy to reach every corner of the city. Metro, bus and tram routes function almost around the clock for the residents and guests of the city.

Throughout its history, the city changed constantly. Initially, there were two settlements – Cologne and Berlin on the territory of the modern capital of Germany. They served as anchor points of trading routes. Cologne was first mentioned in 1237. This year is considered the year of foundation of Berlin. Settlements were developed; and 70 years later, they united into one city with the common administration system. A little later, the city became the capital of Prussia and then of German Empire.

After the Second World War, the city was divided between the Victor countries into 4 sectors of occupation. Three of them merged subsequently into West Berlin and during the cold war were separated from the rest of the country by the famous Berlin wall. In 1989 the wall was destroyed and parts of the city were reunited. In subsequent years, Berlin turned into a huge building site. There are ultra-modern business centers on the site of the legendary Berlin wall. The Berlin wall became one of the attractions of this amazing city.

One can note the most famous sights of Berlin, such as the Brandenburg gate, the Reichstag, Berlin television tower, the memorial Church of Kaiser Wilhelm, the Charlottenburg Palace. A simple walk through the city can be very pleasant: Berlin is a very "green" city. The largest and most famous of the parks in the city is the Tiergarten Park.

There are many museums, monuments, concert halls, theatres in Berlin. Traditionally, the German capital hosts major music festivals, such as jazz festival Jazzfest. Shopping is best done in shopping centers combining 100-300 shops: Alexander Platz, Potsdamer Platz and Wilmersdorf. Every child will enjoy Freizeitpark, the adventure and recreation park "Jacks Fun World" in the Reinickendorf district, the center of Berlin Jolos Kinderwelt or visiting the Berlin zoo.