Tourist Attractions in Venice

Venice is an ancient Italian city, which has many mysteries and secrets. Everyone knowns the unique feature of this city: it is located entirely on water, and differs from all other cities by its special grace. All corners of Venice are filled with poetic spirit. It is often called the "Adriatic beauty".

The city covers 118 islands, the distance from the coast is 4 kilometers. And, it seems that Venice is floating somewhere between the sky and the sea. It is very beautiful and picturesque. The streets in Venice are canals with water, you can move around only on water means of transport.

Venice always attracted artists, sculptors, philosophers and merchants. This found its reflection in the city image. There are many ancient monuments of culture and history. Many originals of art are kept in museums, which are recognized amazing even by people who are not knowledgeable in art.

The architecture of Venice is very beautiful. There are palaces, bridges in a huge amount along the coastline of the Grand canal. The design of the bridges is gorgeous and varied. It is still impossible to ignore the majestic churches, they convey the feeling of peace and everlasting presence.

Venice attracts many tourists. Many of them come here to sail in the main means of transportation – gondolas. Gondoliers are dressed in colorful costumes, and their art of gondolas sailing is impressive.

It is nice to walk through narrow streets of Venice and enter a square filled with flowers. There are many cafes, where you can spend time in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. You should also watch the annual carnival, which can outshine all the important sights of Venice and is world famous for its beauty and fun.

Venice attractions