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Uxmal, an ancient Maya city located in the state of Yucatán in Mexico, is surely one of the most visited holiday destinations in the country. The place offers you a wide array of tourist attractions.

The city of Uxmal was founded around 500 A.D. The lay out of the buildings bear a visible influence of astronomy. The Pyramid of the Soothsayer, as referred to by the Spaniards, is located in the ceremonial center. It features some nicely crafted ornate with several symbolic motifs and sculptures representing the god of rain Chaac.

Recognized as one of the oldest Mayan city of the classical era, Uxmal is seen as one of the major archaeological sites of Mayan culture and is one of the most notable places to visit with the region’s best architectural patterns.

The buildings are mostly famous for their size and the decorations. They have low walls and decorated friezes which have semblance with Maya huts. Because of the nature of the terrain, the buildings are of significant height and size. A good example is 5-storied Adivino (also referred to as Pyramid of the Magician or the Pyramid of the Dwarf) or the Governor's Palace covering more than 1.200m² of area. The Adivino is a layered pyramid structure, uncommon among Maya buildings. The Governor's Palace is situated on the top of a huge platform, boasting largest facades. 

The ancient roads connect Uxmal and its buildings to such cities as Caracol, Chichén Itzá, Tikal in present-day Guatemala and Xunantunich in present-day Belize. These roads are called Sacbes.

Visitors can also find here the Nunnery Quadrangle, Ballcourt, Grand Pyramid, House of the Birds, House of the Doves, North Long Building, House of the Turtles, and South Temple to name but a few of the attractions worth seeing here.


Highway 261, Uxmal, Mexico
20° 21′ 34″ N,
89° 46′ 17″ W

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