Tourist attractions in Marrakesh

Marrakech is situated in Central Morocco. It is surrounded by the Atlas Mountains. The city was founded in 1070 by Yusuf ibn Tashfin to control the movement of caravans through the Atlas Mountains. Soon Marrakech became an important center of North Africa.

The climate of Marrakech is one of the hottest in the country. The average temperature in summer is +38...+40 °C, and at night it drops to +24 °C. Winters are quite warm and comfortable (+15 °C), but nights in this period are rather cool (8 °C). It is recommended to plan a trip to this city for spring or autumn.

Landscapes of Marrakech are recognized as one of the most picturesque in the country. There is a ski resort Oukaimeden just an hour drive from the town. It operates from December to April.

The main attractions of Marrakech are picturesque palaces and squares, the beautiful historical district Medina, numerous religious buildings and interesting museums. The magnificent Bahia Palace is one of the most impressive and popular monuments, which was the main residence of the Grand vizier. The adjacent garden with rare plants, picturesque courtyards, pavilions and fountains is also noteworthy. The Koutoubia mosque, which is the highest building in the city, is an important landmark of Marrakech.

Many historical monuments are concentrated in the district Medina, which is added to the list of UNESCO world heritage. The beautiful square Djemaa al-Fna is the heart of Medina.

Buses are the most popular means of transport in the city. There are also small (no more than 3 passengers) and big (fixed-run) taxis.

The most popular restaurants and cafes of Marrakesh are places that are specialized in local cuisine (the abundance of herbs and spices, as well as many exquisite seafood, meat and vegetables).

Marrakech has many places for temporary accommodation, from tourist residences and ending with high class hotels. There is a big number of beautiful gardens, modern entertainment centers and major shopping centers. One can always choose the entertainment for almost any taste.