Marojejy National Park Tourist Attraction

Marojejy National Park

Marojejy National Park in Madagascar covers an area of 555 square km. The Park was founded in the same area in 1998, but prior to that, there had been a reserve established in 1952. In 2007, the area was added to the list of the world heritage as a forest Atsinanana.

Elevation changes in the Park range from 75 to 2132 m. It is because of the mountain chain, stretching from the peninsula Masoala to Tsaratanana. Mountains Marojejy feed rivers Lokoho and Antaranga, which carry their waters into the Indian ocean. Mountains and the entire island are part of the continent Gondwana, which split 160 million years ago. The basis for the mountains is gneiss, through which the mountains are not destroyed like others over millions of years. The gneiss consists of alternating bands of light and dark colored minerals. Because of this composition the mountains have the current form.

There is a huge variety of flora and fauna due to the special microclimate in the Park Marojejy. 118 species of birds, 148 reptiles and 11 species of lemurs are found here. One of the lemur, silky sifaka, is included in the list of the 25 most vulnerable apes. The Park is home for the elusive nocturnal Aye-Aye, which was seen only once in the Park, although its old nest and traces of its feeding are found at different altitudes.

The vegetation of the Park has 2000 species of plants, which grow depending on the climate. On the wet Eastern slopes, they show rapid plant growth. There are slow growing plants on the dry Western slopes. And the vegetation of the mountain tops had to adapt to strong winds and poor soils. There 35 species of palms among plants found in Marojejy. Some of them are on the verge of extinction. Only three of these palm trees can be found outside of Madagascar, and seven can only be found in Marojejy. There are also 275 species of ferns, many of these types of ferns are very rare and are met only within a limited area.

It is better to visit the National Park Marojejy during the dry season from April to May and from September to December. This is one of the few national parks of Madagascar, where you can stay in a chalet or a bungalow.


Marojejy National Park, B.P. 19, Andapa 205, Madagascar
Phone: +261 20 88 070 27
14° 27′ 0″ S, 49° 42′ 0″ E

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