Masoala National Park Tourist Attraction

Masoala National Park

Masoala National Park is located in the North-East of Madagascar. It is the largest nature reserve of the island. Established in 1997, the Park covers more than 2300 square kilometers of rainforest and 100 square kilometers of the marine Park. The peninsula of Masoala is extremely diverse due to its huge size and variety of the environment. In general, there are forests, riparian forests, swamps and mangroves in the Park. Three marine parks have coral reefs rich in marine life.  

Masoala provides an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with unique flora and fauna of Madagascar. There are 10 species of lemurs, including bright red fluffy lemur, which is endemic of the peninsula.  

Masoala gives shelter to many unusual species such as the Madagascar day Gecko, uroplatus, chameleons of all sizes, impressive birds such as the Helmet Vanga, and rare species such as the barn owl and the Madagascar tomato frog. Masoala is also home to an impressive Madagascan Urania. Madagascar Serpent-eagle, which has been recently rediscovered here, has a population only in this part of the North-East of Madagascar.  

There are three marine Parks in the national Park Masoala - Tampolo in the West, Ambodilafa in the South, Ifaho in the East. They are among some of the most interesting marine areas in Madagascar and are the perfect place for kayaking and diving.  

Every year from July to early September, hundreds of hump-backed whales come into the Bay Antongil during migration. The warm waters of the bay provide perfect conditions for the birth of these majestic marine mammals.  

The Park can be accessed from the towns of Maroantsetra or Antalaha. From Maroantsetra, it can be reached by motor boat. The Park has six campsites. Materials for camping can be rented in Maroantsetra. The main trails for visitors are at Nosy-Mangabe, Tampolo/Ambodiharina, Cap-East, a multi-day hike across the peninsula is also possible. The campsites are in the Wear-Mangabe, Cap- East, Ambatoloaka and each marine Park.  

Many villages on the peninsula offer cheap bungalows or simple living. Antalaha and Maroantsetra offer ample opportunities for housing, as well as guides and porters for the trip around the peninsula. All visits to the Park should be held with an official guide approved by the Park.  

It is an exceptionally damp area of Madagascar. The driest time of the year lasts from September to December.  

In June 2007, Masoala was included in the UNESCO World heritage site as part of the cluster of parks that represent the biological diversity of the Eastern jungle of the country.


5 National Road, Maroantsetra, Madagascar
Phone: +261 20 22 415 38
15° 18′ 1″ S, 50° 3′ 9″ E

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