Cerro El Plomo Tourist Attraction

Cerro El Plomo

Cerro El Plomo is located in the Andes near Santiago, its height is 5434 meters. It can be seen during clear days from Santiago. The season of the mountain climbing is from November to March. The first ascent to the mountain was made by Gustav Brandt and Rudolph Luke in 1896.

Cerro El Plomo is one of the highest spur in the region. For this reason, the mountain was chosen as a refuge of the Incas. Archaeologists have found much evidence of ceremonies of the sun worship on its slopes. The most famous ceremony was the sacrification of young men and women, called by the Incas "Capac Cocha". There are three rectangular stone structures – tombs at the headwaters of the Mapocho river, only 30 meters below the summit. On the 1st of February 1954, the mummy of a nine- year- old child, who had been also sacrificed, was found there.

Probably, Cerro El Plomo was selected for the construction of the sanctuary, the most southern part of the complex of the Inca Empire. The choice of that location was determined due to the large height and size of the mountain, its huge glaciers, its visibility from a long distance, the convenience of sites suitable for building of shrines. The climbing to the top of Cerro El Plomo is easy to be carried out by an experienced climber who will consider the possibility of strong winds, atmospheric pressure differential and will not attempt to climb the mountain in one weekend. The scenery on Cerro El Plomo is breathtaking: snow, waterfalls, large glaciers and ancient trails of the Incas. The best ski resorts in the South America – Cordilleran Vegas- is situated on the slopes.


Chile, Región Metropolitana de Santiago
33° 13′ 58″ S, 70° 12′ 44″ W

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