Tourist Attractions in San Francisco

San Francisco (California) is located on the US West coast, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. It is called the "Pearl of the West coast". The year 1776 is considered the date of its foundation, when the Spaniards established the Fort named after the Catholic Saint Francis on the coast. Since then, the city has undergone some radical changes and turned into a major population center. Today San Francisco is almost a million - plus city with high population density.

The city's climate is considerably distinguished from all the cities of California. Summer temperature in San Francisco rarely exceeds 25C. This is due to the cold Pacific stream and frequent fogs. There are many beaches along the San Francisco`s shore line. However, one cannot sunbathe and laze in the sun every day. Cold ocean wind can blow even in sunny weather. And its winter is a rainy season.

The time spins away in San Francisco. One wants to do and see everything and to go everywhere. You can start exploring the city from a unique suspension bridge. Golden Gate Bridge connects the city with the opposite shore of the Bay. In any weather, it is a stunner. Its length is 2.8 km and the length of each span is 1.3 km. The height of the bridge above the water is almost 70 m. In addition to the bridge, San Francisco will greet you by picturesque hills, charming parks and various museums (more than 30). San Francisco has 40 districts. Fisherman's Wharf, Embarcadero, Central Square, the Ethnic Neighborhoods are the most popular among them.

The most popular restaurants among tourists are crab restaurants that welcome visitors in coastal areas (Marina and Fisherman's Wharf).

The most inexpensive hotels of San Francisco are located near the international airport. In addition, they provide free bus to the terminal. However, most of the hotels are located in the city. The system of hostels is also widespread.

In San Francisco, you can buy almost everything, there is a wide range of products and many different stores, from online retailers to large supermarkets

San Francisco attractions