Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is the most interesting city in the UAE. The Oriental tale with all its magic paraphernalia in a complete set is present on this initially desolate land. Dubai is the largest city in UAE, situated on the shore of the Persian Gulf. It covers the area of 1114 sq. km; its population is 2.3 million. The ethnic composition includes 26,1 % of Arabs, 17% of which are native born Arabs. Immigrants from India and Pakistan represent more than 50% of the population.

Dubai has an extremely hot climate, with an average summer temperature of +35 degrees. Winter here is cool, the average temperature in January is +19 degrees. The best time to visit Dubai is from March to May and from October to December.

Dubai international accommodates flights from all over the world. The national air carrier Emirates Airlines serving flights around the world has the highest ratings and is considered one of the most reliable and comfortable in the world.

The most used form of transport in Dubai is taxi. It is also possible to use the modern metro of Dubai opened in 2009. Ferries go between the districts of Deira and Bur Dubai along the picturesque Dubai Creek.

Many high skyscrapers of the world rise in Dibai. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, the 828-meter skyscraper resembling a stalagmite, was created as a city within the city with its residential apartments, hotels, offices, shopping centers and parks.

Burj Al Arab, or the Sail is a luxury hotel, respectfully called seven-star hotel. The building was erected on an artificial island of the Persian Gulf. The look of the building is impressive: it is made in the form of a huge sail, and it has an interior of a Royal Palace. You can visit the restaurants within the hotel. One of them is "Al Mahara" where guests are taken on a submarine, and its distinctive interior detail is a huge aquarium.

Rose tower has an original architectural design for a five-star hotel "Rose Rotana Suites" (72 floors). This building has the status of the highest hotel in the world.

Jumeirah is one of the elite districts of Dubai. There are supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, houses and villas, yacht clubs, parks, luxury hotels; and it is famous for its amazing beaches.

Dubai's culinary tradition consists of dishes of Syrian, Lebanese and, of course, Arabic food.

Tourists can try special entertainments, peculiar only to this area: falconry, camel racing, visiting the racetrack with Arabian horses, jeep Safari.

Visitors can get to know local music and dancing in the historical and ethnographic village, dip in the country's history by viewing the exhibits of the Dubai Museum, which will complement the current image of the fairy tale of the country.

There are many hotels, business centers and shopping malls in Dubai. Each mall is not only a place of shops` and boutiques location, but also a center of entertainment.

Dubai attractions