Tourist Attractions in London

London is the political, economic and cultural capital of Britain, the striking attractions of which are known all over the world. Regardless of age, every traveler can find leisure in this big city. There are 30 old gardens and 120 historic buildings, more than 200 museums, 600 cinemas and 108 music halls. 33 London districts, which are called “the Borough”, including the city of London, cover the territory, which is more than 1572 km2.

Britain is a country with extremely changeable moderate maritime climate. Rains are often here and the weather changes constantly. In winter the temperature drops to 0C, and in summer, it rises up to the maximum of +32C. Generally, July is the hottest month.

The river Thames flows through the city, from Richmond in the West to Greenwich in the East, including the city center in the district of Westminster. River cruises and short excursions on river trams are a convenient and great way to see the city.

Tourists wishing to relax in the out-of-doors have an exciting opportunity for choice. Almost the third of the capital is represented by parks, picturesque squares and beautiful streets.

One of the main advantages of London is its wide infrastructure. The city has five international airports and a high-speed rail line Eurostar. It will take only three hours to get from London to one of 50 countries by air. 310 countries have a direct connection with the capital of Great Britain.

People speak over 300 languages in London. Meals for over 70 of the world's cuisines are cooked daily in London. Its restaurants have a diverse cuisine. There are more than 6000 of them. Many famous chefs work there, but simple lovers of delicious and cheap food can also find several establishments.

London has an excellently developed transport system. Its Tube, red buses-double-deckers and black taxi-cabs make it easy and fast to get around.

The history of the British capital extends back over several millennia. The city is proud of the four monuments listed as world heritage by UNESCO. This is the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich Park and the Royal Botanic garden Kew.

London is the best place for shopping among European cities. Souvenirs, clothes and accessories, food and much more can be bought in the shops of the West End, Westfield shopping center and even at unusual flea markets.

London attractions