Tourist Attractions in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, it managed to twist the measured and unhurried lifestyle of exotic Asia with the ongoing bustle of everyday life of the modern world. The capital is located on the shore of the Red river. By the way, the exact translation of the word “Hanoi” means “located between two rivers”. The capital received its name less than 200 years ago. In 1831 it was called Thang long, which meant "citadel of the flying dragon." Even now the city preserves many ancient architectural forms and attractions, including beautiful pagodas and amazing temples, the quantity of which is more than 600. Here, you can feel the colonial past of France. The socialist system had no impact on the development of Hanoi and has not left any significant trends. Sights, historical monuments and the spirit of Hanoi invite to respect the past and present of the city. However, there are no beaches here. No wonder: there are at least 100 miles from the capital to the ocean. Although, you can find entertainment in contrast to routine relaxing on the beach. The infrastructure interesting to the tourist is on a very high level here. There is a wet season in Hanoi from May to October, which means high humidity due to incessant rains. But in September rains stop, the temperature becomes more comfortable. The dry season lasts in Hanoi from October to April. It is cool; precipitation is extremely rare. April and May are the sunniest months. The majestic impression of Hanoi is created by its rich nature. There are about 100 lakes in the city. They are both natural and artificial lakes. The capital of Vietnam has a unique landscape thanks to them. Hanoi has an amazing harmony. Tourists are attracted by the pagoda "Chua Mot Cot" built in 1049, which is based on only one column. Ho Chi Minh mausoleum is located in the old part of the city. This memorial is a true sanctuary for the Vietnamese. And for tourists, it is significant by the fact, that it refers to one of the four mausoleums on Earth, which continue to receive visitors to this day. Legendary Quan Thanh temple is adjacent to the West lake. The great sage Chan-Woo, who beat the Ghost, preventing to build fortifications of the city, is its main attraction. The Church building was completed in the eleventh century. There is a bronze statue of Chan-Woo barefoot with the sword in his hand here. Almost every restaurant or café offers the world's masterpieces of cuisines from around the world. Five-star luxury hotels, modest ones, boarding houses are offered for tourists, which means that the choice of the accommodation in Hanoi is great.

Hanoi attractions